Fried eggs
on multigrain bread with gruyere Naxou cream, bacon and salad

Scrambled eggs
on multigrain bread with smoked salmon, avocado,cucumber pickle and salad

Greek omelette
with sausage “smirneiko”, sweet red peppers,spring onion, olives and feta cheese with french fries and salad

Cheesepie from Skopelos

Mini pizzas
with tomato sauce, basil, peppers, bacon, cheese mix and mushrooms

Tortilla with tuna
iceberg, carrot, cucumber flakes, mayonnaise and salad

Club sandwich
with multigrain bread, chicken filletines, cheese,avocado mayonnaise, iceberg, tomato and french fries

Savory pancakes
with fried egg, bacon and gruyere Naxou cream

with hazelnut praline and oreo cookies

with greek honey, yogurt and walnuts